Celebrating My Scars

I have been asked on numerous occasions about my scars following bariatric surgery.

“Are they big?” “Are the scars bad?” “Are you embarrassed of them?” “How did they heal?” “Were you cut open?”

Back in July, I had Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy. This involves making a few small incisions, in my case four (my favorite number), in the abdominal area.  The procedure is performed using a video camera (laparoscope) and long instruments are placed through these small incisions to remove most of the stomach.

Right after surgery the scars were very small little slits.  The first day or so they did burn a little when I bent but that was more so due to the abdonminal pain following the surgery.  My incisions were glued not stitched so by the time the glue peeled off the scars were healed, which happened pretty quickly. As you can see, today my scars are flat and quite faint almost 6 months post operation.

So, to be quite frank, my scars were never a pain point for me for a few reasons.

One – They are actually a lot smaller than I thought they would be and are barely visible.

Two – They serve as a constant reminder of my decision to change my unhealthy lifestyle.

If anything, the only thing that made me hesitant about posting this particular blog was the fact that the shape of my stomach back in July was not the most flattering, at least to me. With that said, we all have insecurities.  My scars are just not one of them. I celebrate my scars, my beautiful scars, for everything they symbolize to me. To my scars, cheers to you!




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