Support from everywhere

When it comes to shopping I get asked the same thing: “How much have you spent on new clothes since losing weight?” The answer is simple: I have spent very little on new clothes and it’s because I have been getting support from friends and family.

Most recently, I have been struggling to find good work clothes due to my busy schedule and the fact that my old clothes are now too big on me. I have to wear belts with dresses or tie my shirts to conceal how big items are on me. Most of my outfits now consist of a belt and a sweater to cover excess material on the clothing.

Katie and I right before my surgery in July 2015

In the last week, my friend, named Katie Schneider, shown in the picture to the right, came to my rescue. She did the most generous thing and sent me two boxes of clothes she no longer wears…all the way from Iowa. She did not even hesitate to ask me if I wanted the clothes and offered them up as if it was nothing….for free. I was in shock.

For the first time since losing over 100 pounds, I feel like clothes actually properly fit me and that I do not have to conceal anything.  I feel confident at work. And, as you can see from the pictures displayed in this blog, I actually look really IMG_3739cute in the clothes too. =-)

Katie is what I mean by support from everywhere. I am really grateful for what Katie did for me. She is inspiring and I look up to her. Not many people would offer up a bunch of clothes worth hundreds of dollars for free.  She is always encouraging me and providing advice. She has truly inspired me and motivates me to IMG_3695stay on track.

With that said, I have kept  most of my personal clothes (ones that even fit me when I was close to 300 pounds). A part of me keeps these clothes because I really love my wardrobe and have managed to make my clothes work as I have lost weight.  But, a part of me holds onto the clothes because I feel like they are something I worked hard to earn and they signify who I was/am at a certain point in my life. However, I do no think I can hold onto some of my clothes much longer. It is now my time to be just as generous as Katie. Soon, I plan to give away some clothes that I know I cannot salvage (take-in or wear with a belt). I think it will not only signify a new beginning for me but it will also serve as a way to make someone’s life a whole lot easier. I want to be someone’s support from everywhere.

Thank you Katie. 







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