The power of a belt

Even though I have lost over 100 pounds, I have miraculously managed to keep and utilize most of my clothes. How? Belts!!!image2

I never used to wear a belt but I have found that belts are now saving me a GREAT DEAL of MULA!!!!

I tend to wear a lot of dresses.  I was never a big pants person. If you are like me, belts can really help take your dress to the next level.

My favorite dresses that used to fit me like a beautiful glove are now way too big on me but I refuse to let them go. In addition to this, I am cheap and do not want to spend a lot of money tailoring each dress. As you can see from the pictures displayed, a belt has really helped to salvage my clothes.

Want some tips? For work, I will typically wear a dress with a belt and even sometimes a sweater.  The sweater helps to cover the side of the dress by my armpit in case the material starts to hang too low (which has happened to some of my clothes as my arms have gotten smaller). I usually then try to add a little spice to the outfit by adding jewelry or trying a sassy look with my hair or makeup. This draws attention away from the dress and focuses everyone’s attention elsewhere on the outfit.

Do you have any other ideas I should consider? I am always looking for advice.  #PleaseShare


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