Can plus size women wear high heels?

No matter how fashionable I have been over the years, my shoe game has never been on-point.  I have always figured out a way to make flats or boots work for any outfit but I have never been able to wear high heels. 

I am that girl that walks into the club with high heels on in order to make an entrance. Ten minutes later, I am that girl that is paying the bartender five dollars to hold my heels for the night while I pull out my flats from my dress and put them on.

Why do I do this? I used to look like a penguin walking in heels. I wobbled, I walked extremely slow and for some reason, it really hurt my feet to stand in heels for more than ten minutes.

To increase my ability to wear heels, I even underwent what I call “Heel Boot Camp.” I tried wearing heels for longer periods of time at random moments of the day, I purchased insoles and I tried to work my way from short-to-tall heels. Nothing worked.

Then something happened. I lost 100 pounds and I noticed my ability to walk in heels was instantly a lot easier. I now feel like Beyonce strutting my stuff as I walk into work in my heels. I also now feel more encouraged to spend more money on heels (which is making me broke!!!). While I still cannot wear 6-inch stilettos (props to those who can), I can now last longer in shoes that have a thin and taller heel.

But why? Someone suggested to me that it might be because of the weight loss. I read somewhere that the extra weight I used to carry was bearing down on my feet, making  it impossible for me to walk in heels.

To be honest, while I do not know the scientific reason as to why I couldn’t walk in heels before, I do have a theory. I believe my previous weight did hinder my ability to walk in heels. However, I do not think this is the only reason. I know many plus size women who rock high heels like nothing so it cannot be the weight alone. I believe I also have sensitive soles on the bottom of my feet, so that mixed with my previous weight might have caused the issue.

With that, I am curious to know if others have struggled with the same issue and what they think the cause is. In addition to that, I am curious to know from others what types of heels work better for you (for example, I noticed that heels with a strap support me sooooooo much more). Let me know your thoughts!!!!


2 thoughts on “Can plus size women wear high heels?

  1. Yes when I was heavier I could only wear heals for a very short time and now I can las longer. I also find that shoes with the straps don’t get me as tired. I am not one to wear the skinny heels because I am scared of if breaking off or me not stepping right and there goes my ankle,lol. I like the thicker heels, that way I can go taller.

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