One Year Later & Healthier Than Ever

On July 17, 2015 I underwent a vertical sleeve gastrectomy (aka weight loss surgery). I am excited to announce that I have officially made it to my one year post operation day.

Year 1 - BodyJuly 17 changed my life more than I knew it would at the time. I went in with the premise that if all of my health concerns went away I would be happy. One year later, not only are my health concerns gone, but I have actually reached a weight my doctors consider healthy. Additionally, because I have no more health concerns, I now have the ability to focus on shaping my body the way I want it to look. This is crazy to me!!!! I am proud of the progress I have made to change my life around. The surgery was not the solution for me but it was a tool and resource that guided me along the way. Year 1 - Back

So want to see some of my highlights? The area that I am most proud of is my back. I have always wanted to wear an open back dress but was always too afraid. I secretly love watching stars walk down the red carpet with backless dresses while they pose for a picture with their head to the side, showing off the back of the dress. They slayyyyyyyyy so much!!!! While I still have not taken that leap yet because I am nervous, I know my time is coming. I too soon will wear an open-back shirt or dress. I just need to get over my nerves.

Year 1While my highlights are amazing, I wanted to take a minute to thank the one person that has been at my side EVERY step and minute of the way: my boyfriend Chris. My friends and family have been very supportive as well but Chris’ support is on a different level. Going into the surgery, I was warned that your relationship with your spouse is the most at stake for challenges and changes. Why is this? Well, I was/am completely changing and evolving psychically and mentally into a different person. While Chris loves me, if you think about it, he is, in a way, “losing” some version of me. Chris had to adjust and evolve with me all-while being the anchor of the relationship when I felt insecure or unsure of what I was doing. From sleeping on the hospital couch for three days to constantly reassuring me how I looked still attracted him, he has been an amazing support. I feel stronger, healthier and encouraged to continuously stay on track in-part due to him. Heck, the man agreed to reenact our waterfall picture a year later just so I could say he kissed me like in the movies. Now that is some cheesy love.

I now have moved into phase 2 of my lifestyle change: maintenance. I hear this is the hardest part but I am up for the challenge. It all starts with me training for my first half marathon and raising money for my skin removal surgery. Wish me luck!

If you would like to donate to my surgery click here.



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