Halloween: One Size DOESN’T Fit All

I consider Halloween to be one my favorite HOLIDAYS. Yes, I said it…HOLIDAY! I love anything scary (especially paranormal things) even though I am such a chicken. So dressing up for Halloween is a must for me!

For years, I have been dressing up for Halloween. However, I could never shop at your typical Halloween stores like Party City.  Even the plus size options at these stores were always too tight for me. So, I had no choice but to pay an arm-and-a-leg for my costumes at…guess where?  Drum roll please……. I had to shop at sex stores or Torrid.  The clothes tend to have stretchier material and are more accommodating to plus size, curvy women.

This year was my first year shopping for a Halloween costume ever since the weight loss. It was also the first year I would be shopping for a couples costume with Chris. I love anything that involves synchronization, so a couples costume sounded perfect!

We decided to try Party City. Of course, they only have two sizes: Standard and plus (online14882259_10100187633857262_1385330311062870329_o-copy
only). When asked which size I wanted for the Flintstone costume, I immediately hesitated to respond.  Chris had to respond for me. The big scary moment came when I tried on the standard size in the dressing room. It was snug on my chest but it actually fit me.

Instead of feeling excited that for once I could fit the “normal” size, I was actually indifferent and kind of annoyed for a second. I was excited that my Halloween costume was finally cheaper than usual and quicker to find but I also was torn…Why was this tiny outfit considered “standard,” considered “normal”? I felt my body was normal at a size 22, it is normal now at a size 10 as well. It was not so much the fact that there  were only two size options, it was the terminology used to describe the smaller option that bothered me.

To these larger stores that put “one size fits all”on their packaging, please:

  1. Consider more size options: The average woman is now a size 16.
  2. Reconsider the terminology used for the clothing: Who you are to dictate what fits and what is normal?

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